Colour Our World With Kindness

The last week of term is our Love & Service week.

We’ll be thinking about what we can do to serve others and show God’s love to them through kindness.

Watch this video about how kindness grows like a ripple effect and colours our world, making a brighter, happier world to live in.

What Love & Service acts can you plan to do for your:

  • family
  • friends
  • neighbours
  • others?

List some of your ideas in the comments below. :)


Preps Go Shopping!

Learning about money is both important, and fun!

We’ve been learning about recognising coins and knowing their value.  What better way to consolidate this, than to go shopping!

After all, being in Prep is hard work – we needed a little retail therapy.

There were many jobs to do:

  • set up shops (books, shoes, pets, cakes and a cafe too for when you needed a little break)
  • price all the shop items
  • set up a bank for when we needed more money (easy as that!)


We had shoppers, shop keepers, bankers and baristas…!  All true professionals at work!

By the end of the day many items had been sold and purchased all developing a good understanding of using money, and the language of using money.

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Hold on to your credit cards mums and dads…these kids know how to do it! :)

Kings of the Castle! Playground Fun

The physicality of climbing, jumping, balancing, swinging, etc. is so great for us!  We can grow our brains and bodies by figuring out how to use new equipment and we build pretty great problem solving and team work skills too!

Preps just love going out onto the big kid’s playground in the afternoons, allowing the challenges to grow their skills tremendously!

And really, it just makes us so happy to be out in the fresh air and sunshine having so much fun!

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Preps Say “NO” to bullying behaviour.

Preps say “NO” to bullying behaviour.  We stand up for ourselves, and others.

“No way Jose, bullying is NOT ok!”

We’ve come up with many ways to help a friend, ourselves, or another person who is being bullied:

  1. Say, “Hey, please be kind to my friend.  That’s not ok to say/do that.”
  2. Take the person being bullied away to a happy and safe place.  Ask them if they’d like to stay and play with you.
  3. Get help from a teacher or adult if the bully won’t listen or seems angry.

Listen to this song “Buddy Not Bully.”


Prep’s Big Day Out

We got together with the Officer Preppies at Officer campus for a lovely day last week!!

We did Daniel in the Lion’s den, Investigations, Sports…and more!  Many friends were made!  What a wonderful day!!

We can’t wait to do it again.

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This week we are learning the sound /t/ as in tiger.

/t/ is an air and tap letter.  It doesn’t need our voice, only our tongue, teeth and breath.

Make a t t t sound.

Can you think of more /t/ words?

Click the reply button, or write them in the comments below.

There were some terribly terrific tigers creeping around the classroom today.


Ready, Set, Read!

We’re learning to be good readers.  The words sent home are sight words that help our students identify some common words in texts in order to be able to get their reading under way very quickly.

Students can play games with the words at home such as snap, memory or use various iPad games to help.  These are great activities that really help with their practise of the words at home too! :)

Introduce 1 – 3 new words at a time.

List 1 List 2 List 3
I a my
am big in
Mum here My
Dad little A
is the Here

We have already identified some things that good readers do and can use our skills to read simple books at school and home.


Welcome 2015 Preps!

We would like to welcome the new students and families to Heritage College! It’s been lovely to begin getting to know you and I know it’s going to be a wonderful year!

You can follow along here to see some of the things we do.  You can also follow our twitter account for more updates: @prepdennis

Don’t forget to return your permission notes as soon as possible to see your child on the Prep Blog or Twitter feed.


Praying God will bless the 2015 preps and their families!